- Progression Page: Tracking -

Progression page was an application that helps people track their daily progress in learning to code. It pulled data directly from this Google sheet.

Progression Page is no longer being updated. Thank you to everyone that participated!

- Top 5! -

HTML CSS Javascript Node MongoDB
Current Goals:
Learn Async Programming: In Progress
Build Progress Tracker: In Progress
Learn Vue.js: Upcoming
Start Date: 1/1/2019 Hours to Date: 109
- Daily Progress -

HTML CSS Javascript Node MongoDB
Current Goals:
Complete Udemy course: Complete
Build First Web App: In Progress
Learn Ajax: Upcoming
CSS Flexbox: Upcoming
Learn SCSS: Upcoming
Start Date: 1/26/2019 Hours to Date: 164
- Daily Progress -

HTML CSS Javascript VSC
Current Goals:
Complete Udemy course: In Progress
Complete Flatiron bootcamp prep: Complete
JS tutorial-Program w/Mosh: In Progress
Build personal website: Upcoming
Code Academy courses: In Progress
Start Date: 7/4/2019 Hours to Date: 94
- Daily Progress -

Kelley Muro
HTML CSS/SASS Javascript React MongoDB/Express
Current Goals:
Master React: In Progress
Master MongoDB/Express: In Progress
Create MERN Stack Apps With Ease: In Progress
Build family videos app: Upcoming
Launch Coding Snacks: Upcoming
Start Date: 5/5/2019 Hours to Date: 154
- Daily Progress -